1. Within your WordPress admin, click Domains and then Add New.
  2. Enter the domain you want to map in the primary domain field provided.
  3. Under the Mappings table below, expand the Domain Root row and select the resource type (post or page, etc.) you would like the domain to point to and then search for the resource entry to complete the root mapping.
  4. Click Add URL mapping to add additional (subpage) URL mappings to any other resource.
  5. Within your hosting control panel (e.g. cPanel or other hosting admin), add your mapped domain as an Alias or Addon Domain.
  6. Wherever you manage your domain DNS records, add an A-record to the domain you just mapped with a host value of @ and the IP address for your WordPress server.

<aside> ☝ Additionally you can use a CNAME record if that’s what you prefer.



You may use subdomains but subdomains are effectively domains in their own right and they need to be added as separate domains in WP Landing Kit. We don't currently have support for wildcards in domain names.